At PFI, we work with existing client advisors closely, helping the family and business resolve the challenging relational questions that must be answered for business succession to proceed in a healthy manner.

In addition, we have assembled a group of top specialists and professionals from a variety of fields for those times when the client does not have their own advisors or needs additional resources. This includes specialists in all technical fields (tax, estate, psychologists, finance/accounting, law, and others), and we are happy to refer clients to these members of our extended team.  In all cases, the client is free to choose which of the best-in-class technical advisors they want to work with.

After working with family enterprises for so many decades, we also have built relationships with key advisors we can refer to who provide our clients with support in areas such as IT, HR, and Sales when the business needs help strengthening functional areas of the firm.

Regardless of the need, small or large, the PFI team and our extended teams have the depth and experience our clients need to move their firms and families forward.