Predictable Futures founder Gordon Wusyk has been working with business families for over thirty years.

Gordon has first hand experience with a failed family business succession and personal experience of the strife a mishandled succession can cause. Gordon’s family had a cattle ranch and furniture moving business. When dad died suddenly at the age of 59 he left a mess – not a masterpiece. Since then, Gordon’s career has been devoted to helping business families avoid the issues & heartache his family had to go through.

Gordon’s aim in setting up Predictable Futures was to work with families and their advisors to coordinate a holistic succession plan that not only transfers assets to the next generation but also transfers values.

Throughout his career, Gordon has been active in learning from and serving organizations dedicated to family business owners.

Highlights include:

  • Canadian President of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFÉ) 1994 to 1998, & active member today.
  • Member of the Family Firm Institute (FFI), international body for family enterprise professionals. FFI Certificate in Advising Families.
  • Former board member, Business Family Foundation (BFF), co-designed Roadmap Course for Entrepreneurial Families.
  • Attends workshops hosted by the Family Business Consulting Group (FBCG).
  • Certified Executive & Life Coach by Dr. Ron Jenson author of Authentic Success & CEO of Future Achievement International.
  • Trained Family Business Consultant
  • Mentored by Dr. Leon Danco, Centre for Family Business in Cleveland, Ohio– the grandfather of family business consulting in North America.
  • Serves on boards of many local & national organizations including his personal favorite Young Life, where he served on the National Board for 16 years.
  • B.Ed degree from the University of Alberta
  • Avid writer and public speaker.
  • First book “Drift, Drown or Decide – Navigational Tools for Business Families in Transition” in 2010.

Gordon has been married to his wife Gloria for more than 50 years. They have a son Geoffery, daughter Gisselle, with many  grandchildren and great grandchildren.