For over three decades, Predictable Futures has helped mature family businesses fulfill their potential and avoid common pitfalls. It’s all we do. It’s our passion. Helping family businesses thrive. Yours.

Our team has vast experience in the suite of business family services needed to transition small to mid-sized, ‘informal’ companies into professionally managed, revitalized and profitable firms. Successfully transferring leadership, ownership and management from one generation to the next.

We regularly solve problems before they’re even on your radar.

We are listeners, we empathize. Then we ask smart, sometimes difficult questions. Your future success really matters to us. We help you create solutions specific to your family’s situation.

Our hand-picked, multi-disciplinary team of experts have been tried and tested over decades for their soft and hard skills.
Soft skills meaning, how to draw the best out of people by dealing with them in a kind, respectful manner.
Hard skills meaning we have an array of professionals experienced in family business, all collaborating together to achieve your goals. We design the overall game plan for the family’s success and give direction to your team of advisors for implementation.

We know how to bring out the best in everyone.  Developing trust, assisting communication and guiding effective entrepreneurship along the way.

All with the ultimate goal of putting the fun back into working with the family and building a legacy your family and company can be proud of.

We guarantee to ask the right questions:

  • Where do you really want to be?
  • Where, honestly, are you now?
  • How do you plan to bridge the gap and secure the future?

Meet The Team

Gregg K. Becker, President

Mentor, transformer and steady hand at the helm. Read more …

Gordon Wusyk, Founder

Founder and mentor for over thirty years. Read more …

Predictable Futures

The PFI Team

Our dedicated team, experts in their own rights. Read more …