• Wealth Transition

      Understanding wealth, assets and finance – both for the family and in the business –  is an area of significant knowledge gap for many in our client families, and often the “elephant in the room” question for those who will be affected. In most cases, the level of understanding is uneven across the family, and levels of information-sharing are also uneven. This can lead to questions, fears, and mistrust; all of which can derail a good transition if not properly addressed.

      There are many reasons for such gaps, but failing to plan well creates risk for all, with the possibility that the value created over a lifetime of work could be eroded through conflict-filled, poorly timed, or managed transitions. Advisors such as lawyers and accountants are often great helps to families in ensuring the technical planning is done well. Predictable Futures are not accountants, lawyers, or wealth managers, and do not sell any products. However, the quality of these kinds of decisions for our clients goes up vastly when it is aided by an effective communication process that engages all the relevant family members early. Providing a proven road map, and guiding this process is where Predictable Futures shines and adds value.

      Communication around finances, when well done, creates realistic expectations and minimizes tension and conflict.  Don’t let a failure to have the important conversations on a proactive basis create challenges for the heirs, or worse still, in-fighting and family breakups.

      The Predictable Futures team helps you think about, and manage the discussions about how and when to best transfer wealth, whether as part of a business sale, in the estate, to family members, the community, or philanthropic interests. Our team is always ready to work with other professionals to build strategies that preserve, protect, and perpetuate what family entrepreneurs have spent a lifetime accumulating (including their wisdom and their values).

    • Tax Planning

      Predictable Futures does not provide tax planning services, but we work constantly with the professionals in this area and are current on the major issues and opportunities most business owners face, especially upon transition. If a client already has a great advisor, we are happy to work with them and find ways to move the family and business ahead in a tax-effective and efficient way. If the client needs help in this area, we can refer to a variety of excellent professionals with expertise in this area.

      Tax planning is a critical topic to consider through the transition process. Doing it well can minimize risk, and maximize value to the owner, so we build it into our process to ensure this gets covered off and the client can relax knowing it is handled.