• Strategic Planning

    Partnerships of professionals (accountants, lawyers, engineers, doctors, etc) often have a challenge in strategic and business planning. Each of the professionals is strong in their own discipline, but may not be experienced in strategy. Also, the structure of a partnership typically makes it harder for partners to come to alignment if there is a difference of opinion.

    Predictable Futures brings a detached but experienced approach to the strategic and business planning process, leading a simple and focused process to bring about alignment across the partnership, and create momentum

  • Partnership Transitions

    Bringing people into, and facilitating exits from partnerships can be hard for many professionals. These partners have often worked together over a long period of time and formed deep relationships – and in this respect, they often function in ways that are surprisingly similar to families, more than a traditional ownership/business structure.” (new paragraph) 

    Predictable Futures is skilled at helping partners work through their transition challenges, bring about alignment and resolution to issues that may have stalled for long periods of time. We work with the partners to find the needed common ground and “unlock” the problems which can create tensions and undermine the healthy relationships needed to move forward.

  • Partnership Governance

    Partnership decision making can be tough. Especially since all partners are “inside” the ownership structure, making it difficult to achieve objectivity. Predictable Futures can help professional partners build a governance process that helps work on and resolve the larger, more difficult issues faced by the ownership group. We work with the group to create a healthy process that adds objectivity, then creates accountability and traction.