• Governance & Boards

    Boards help with business discipline and accountability.  Has your firm been struggling to execute what it knows it needs to do? Distracted by the urgent or unfocused? Is the accountability of management (to ownership, or even to itself) a key to the next phase of the company’s life?

    Predictable Futures has helped many businesses put together Boards to assist with governance, which benefit the business through strategic foresight, mentorship of the current or next generation, contacts and networks, support for ownership and management, insight into key business problems, guidance on best practices and growing the business, and more.

    We regularly do Board Assessment for existing boards and help the board improve the quality of its design, processes, and function. This includes boards for not-for-profit companies, as well as professional partnerships.

    Together we explore the advantages of different types of boards particularly suited to your business.

  • Company Board Assembly, Structure and Membership

    Designing and building a board correctly is crucial to getting value from it. You need to give the board an appropriate mandate (while preserving ownership’s ability to make major decisions), get the right people on board, and set it up to ensure it’s making an impact and getting things done.

    That’s why we offer a turnkey board assembly solution to clients, with Predictable Futures guiding the process and doing the heavy lifting, but ensuring the client is always at the forefront in the design phase, member selection, and agenda-setting. This allows our clients – who may not be as aware of how to set up a board or find great board members – to relax and enjoy the process, stepping into their first board meeting with confidence.

    Predictable Futures has deep experience and puts together many boards each year. Of the companies we have set up boards for over the past many years, almost all have continued with the board process. They understand and see the value created by having a board, which pays for itself over and over, guiding the company through turbulent times with deep wisdom and experience.