• Strategic & Business Planning

    The PFI team has deep experience running businesses and implementing plans, which drive real growth. We de-mystify strategic thinking and give you tools and training to action a planning process (linked to performance) that creates real accountability across your team.

    Too often, planning creates binders of great-sounding words that never get looked at ever again. We help you design plans everyone on the team can get behind, and actually implement, to grow the business and keep it on track.

    PFI leads a strategic planning process that is practical, focused, and efficient. We provide an objective perspective as you build your plan, which helps reduce the risk of planning in your own “echo chamber” where assumptions and rationales do not face the appropriate and necessary scrutiny to ensure the plan will stand up, and relevant risks are eliminated or mitigated.

  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management

    When running a family business, it’s what you don’t see coming that bites you. Even worse, you do see it coming, but ignore it because you’re hoping it’ll go away, or are too busy to deal with it.

    PFI are experts at surfacing the risks (family, business, market) facing your business. Once identified and sized-up, we help you diminish the downside and increase the chances of avoiding problems altogether.

  • Succession, Transition & Continuity Planning

    One of the most common and damaging issues in a family business is uncertainty around succession, which may, or may not, mean to a family member: Consequently, less than 30% of family businesses transition to the next generation. Many do not successfully transition past the founder.

    At PFI, our deepest passion is helping families make the generational transition successfully. You’ve spent years, perhaps even a lifetime creating values you hope will endure. Our goal is to protect and build your legacy. We’re experts at getting your family through this challenge and navigating uncharted, emotion-filled waters.