• Organizational Development & Process Improvement

    Most mature family firms have often grown significantly, yet the organization, professionalism, and processes still lag behind the size and complexity of the business.

    Predictable Futures has many success stories in supporting clients to evolve their organizational design through improved policies and operations, so the company can grow sustainably. Typically, this results in scaling up the business to deliver more, smoothing out the day-to-day experience, better team management, improved customer experience, and increased profitability.

    The Predictable Futures team is certified in LEAN and Six Sigma methodologies, for manufacturing and service-based industries, as well as office and professional settings.

  • Business & Operational Assessment

    Sometimes you just have a sense that things aren’t where they should be. Or need to be. An objective third-party review of your operations can help you ascertain where things are working well, or where there’s room for improvement, minor or major. The PFI approach builds on your team’s knowledge and experience, quickly identifying gaps and ways to move the business forward.

    We do the groundwork and analysis to come up with a set of recommendations and implementation plans, identifying key operational changes that will protect the business’s worth and growth over time.

  • Exit Strategy & Support

    One of the most difficult challenges family businesses face is determining when and how to exit the business, in order to best reap the rewards of all that hard work put in over the years.

    The Predictable Futures team has helped dozens of businesses chart their course through this challenging time, planning the timing of the sale and determining what changes need to be made in order to maximize the value of the sale (in the case of an outside party), or set the company up for success (for an internal transition to family, employees, or other).

    Throughout the sale we protect the family’s and business interests, taking care of those you value most–employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

  • Speaking Engagements

    Predictable Futures is Alberta’s market leader in family business knowledge.

    We regularly deliver speaking engagements and tailor-made presentations clarifying how family-owned enterprises function differently from traditional businesses.

    Ideal material for meetings and conferences, PFI presents frequently at industry gatherings where many of the participating firms are family-based.