Transition Is Challenging!

At Predictable Futures, we help businesses every week working through the challenges of transitions of ownership and leadership. Still, when it is our own business, all the things we know don’t relieve us of having to go through the same issues as everyone else!

Over the past five years, Gordon Wusyk has been practicing what he preaches, and has brought along a successor (Gregg) to lead and own the business, ensuring the legacy of Gordon’s work continues. We have sometimes laughed at ourselves – and sometimes not – as we encounter the very dynamics we help other firms and families work through.

However, we can honestly say that sorting through the issues is worth it. The work we do and the value we bring to families and businesses in transition is a passion for us, and failing to transition well ourselves would have felt like a failure for both of us.

We are glad to say that while we are still making adjustments in the new day, the biggest hurdles are now behind us, and we are both still actively making a difference in the businesses we work with. From first-hand experience, we know it is worth it!